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Split Prototype is a single-player, first person, puzzle platformer made for the 2020 Computer Simulation and Gaming Conference. The core idea is that you play a researcher, tasked with experimenting with a new device that allows the user to switch between their reality and the next. In order to test this, the facility constructs a number of test rooms to see just how different the next reality is, and what consequences there are to meddling with both.

This demo includes a mere two levels, a tutorial and a sample level designed to show off some of the games puzzle and platforming mechanics. The whole demo should take around 5 minutes to complete.

Everything in this demo is in an early development stage and is subject to change.

Install instructions

To install the Split Prototype, simply download the folder named SplitDownload2.zip, unzip it wherever you want to store it, then open that file and run Split.exe.


SplitDownload2.zip 451 MB

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